2001 Spring School on Superstrings and Related Matters by (Eds.) C. Bachas, J. Maldacena, K. S. Narain, S.

By (Eds.) C. Bachas, J. Maldacena, K. S. Narain, S. Randjbar-Daemi

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This is true however you look at it. Bonnie will be forty-four; Emily will be thirty-two. You can even think of traveling close to the speed of light as a sort of time machine—except it only works going forward and not backward. There are other, perhaps subtler effects as well. For example, since Emily was traveling away from Earth for seven years (according to Bonnie) at nearly the speed of light, she must have gotten 7 light-years from Earth before turning tail and returning. This takes her most of the way to Wolf 359, the fifth-nearest star to our Sun.

There is no getting around it. The Uncertainty Principle has some surprising results. Let’s first consider Dr. Jekyll in his laboratory, moving notebooks onto his lab bench. If he leaves for tea and returns to retrieve the notebooks, they * Technically, the momentum. If you know enough about physics already to distinguish between velocity and momentum, then you can stay after class and clean the erasers. 53 54 A U ser ’s G uide to the Universe will be exactly where he left them—they are big, weighty things and not likely to move by their own volition.

You take orders from no one, and sure as heck don’t take anything on faith. We understand where you’re coming from, being loners and rebels ourselves. This is why we won’t answer your questions with “Because we said so” when explaining how the universe works. Instead, we try our darnedest to appeal to your everyday experience and your common sense, and use those to point you in the right direction. We can’t do that with quantum mechanics. If you follow your common sense, you’re going to get lost, even if you don’t think you are.

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