2011 CFA Level 2 Program Curriculum Volumes 1-6 By CFA by CFA Institute

By CFA Institute

The CFA software point II Curriculum is equipped into a number of learn classes to assist applicants navigate the cloth. every one research consultation comprises assigned readings (drawn from textbook chapters, expert magazine articles, CFA Program-commissioned content material, situations, and examine analyst reports); studying end result statements; and challenge units that display sensible software and toughen knowing of the techniques provided within the readings. For comfort, the assigned readings are assembled into a number of self-contained volumes. CFA has: * Sequenced the readings in conformity with the examine periods * Reprinted the pertinent studying final result statements earlier than every one examining * extra examine assets, similar to a more robust define, a finished index, and a unified thesaurus * published the curriculum in two-color structure to complement the appearance and readability of the shows, tables, and required as opposed to not obligatory remedies

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