A Concise History of Mathematics Volume 1 by Dirk J. Struik

By Dirk J. Struik

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Having analyzed the functioning of political parties and legislatures in collapsing authoritarian regimes, they noticed that political parties (including ruling parties) in non-personalistic regimes are an important factor that The porcelain fragility of authoritarian states 49 may contribute to better chance of democratic transformation. The above results from the fact that these parties can guarantee a safe exit for the majority of the ruling class (Wright, Escribà-Folch 2014). And again the interest of the ruling class is the primary condition for the survival of authoritarian regimes.

It was shown quite convincingly that the resource curse causes a significant decline in economic growth, and hence impedes economic development (Warner 1995, 1997, 2001). Nevertheless, I have not yet 50 Roman Bäcker encountered the study that would show exhaustively the relation between the effects of “the resource curse” and the stability of authoritarian regimes. Moreover, we can assume that the higher revenues from the export of raw materials, the more a given regime is susceptible to the adverse effects of the resource curse.

Wit narodów europejskich.  16, 342-343, 348.  33-41, 46, 122-125.  134. The porcelain fragility of authoritarian states Roman Bäcker Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland In political science the term “fragility” is used to describe certain states (fragile states) and indicates the condition of their weak capacity or/and the lack of their legitimization with a parallel low level of their affluence (Marcus 2012; Lewis 2013; Denney 2012; Fragile State Index 2014). However, there is a considerable gap in research concerning the fragility of modern authoritarian states.

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