A Rope and a Prayer: A Kidnapping from Two Sides by David Rohde

By David Rohde

The compelling and insightful account of a New York Times reporter's abduction by means of the Taliban, and his wife's fight to loose him.

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A few feet away, a woman began screaming. After several moments, we took each other’s hand, walked upstairs, and emerged into what we thought was the street. We could see nothing in front of us. Finally, a gust of wind revealed a speck of blue in the sky to our right. I told her to walk in that direction and she disappeared. A Blood Message to Obama 13 I tried to find Sherry. White dust covered cars, buildings, and streets. Car alarms wailed. Pieces of office paper cascaded to the ground like oversize snowflakes.

I love you so much and am sure this will be ok. Please go and be happy and move forward if things go very wrong. I love you so very much and thank you for giving me more joy and love than I’ve ever known. I love you, David Afghanistan has been David’s preoccupation for the past seven years, since 9/11. For me, it has been a source of intrigue, sadness, and anxiety— a needy child or mistress that requires his attention, often with the cost of long separations. The events on the ground in Afghanistan have a direct impact on David’s moods and motivations.

It matches the conspiracy theo­ ries I have seen on jihadi Web sites. Qari seems utterly detached from reality. Our other guard, Akbar, jokes that Qari has mental problems. Millions 37 In my mind, Qari and Atiqullah personify polar ends of the Taliban. Qari represents a paranoid, intractable force. Atiqullah embodies the more reasonable faction: people who could compromise on our release and, per­ haps, even on peace in Afghanistan. I do not know which one represents the majority. I want to believe that Atiqullah does.

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