A Strategy for a Loss of Faith: Jung's Proposal by John P. Dourley

By John P. Dourley

E-book through Dourley, John P.

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In this sense Jung's psychology is profoundly teleological and eschatological; it moves to the resolution of the divine self-contradiction in a human consciousness that brings into synthesis what divinity alone could not synthesize. 50 Such a God and the humanity clustered about it would not only be impoverished by the loss of the damned, but would be, for Jung, a threat to the historical process itself. Modernity is 49 "Answer to Job," Psychology and Religion, CW 11, par. 647. , par. 728. Page 27 well aware that in the current conflict between religious and/or political absolutes, apocalyptic consciousness and the one-sided certitudes it generates could prematurely terminate the human endeavor before it works its historical task of bringing the divine shadow to redemption in itself.

With so much energy devoted to the suppression of life in the name of faith, it is little wonder that Jung depicts his father as having shown his true self only once in his maturity. The occasion was at a student gathering when his father let himself regress, as it were, to the more spontaneous life he had led as a student, free from the later constrictive persona of the parson. When Jung saw this side of his father, I realized in a flash that his life had come to a standstill at his graduation.

G. (Carl Gustav), 1875-1961 Views on Christianity. 2. Psychology and religion. 3. Christianity Controversial literature. 4. Belief and doubt. I. Title. II. Series. 5'15 C92-094356-X Copyright © 1992 by John P. Dourley. All rights reserved. INNER CITY BOOKS Box 1271, Station Q, Toronto, Canada M4T 2P4 Telephone (416) 927-0355 FAX 416-924-1814 Honorary Patron: Marie-Louise von Franz. Publisher and General Editor: Daryl Sharp. Senior Editor: Victoria Cowan. G. Jung. Cover: Ad Parnassum by Paul Klee, 1932.

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