Access to Religion and Philosophy. Philosophy of Religion by Peter Cole

By Peter Cole

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Key words Necessary being: a being whose non-existence would be a selfcontradiction. This is its sense in the ontological argument. It can also be used in the causal sense, of a being who is required as an explanation. Contingent: that which need not be, that which could have been different; something that has dependency. ii) Second form Anselm developed his argument to demonstrate that it was impossible to conceive of God as not existing. This is the idea that God is eternal and has always been, so He is not limited by, or in, time.

Pp. 140–41) Intelligent design This is a relatively recent addition to the debate and argues that an intelligence is necessary to explain the complex, information-rich structures of biology, and that this intelligence is empirically detectable. The evidence includes irreducible complexities. PROFILE William Paley (1743–1805) 46 PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION Key word Irreducible complexity: when all parts of a system must be in place in order for the system to work. The removal of any one of the parts causes the system to stop functioning.

By definition a circle is round not square. Premises such as these are called a priori, meaning that their truth value can be determined without reference to any experience (that is, any investigation). The classical arguments for God’s existence comprise of arguments of which only one, the ontological argument, has a priori premises. All the other arguments have a posteriori premises. b) What are the main classical arguments? Key thought Deductive arguments offer proof whilst inductive arguments only offer probabilities.

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