America Debates United States Policy on Immigration by Renee Ambrosek

By Renee Ambrosek

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Citizenship status regardless of the immigration status of their p a r e n t s would continue to be a significant pull factor for families. Finally, there are those who t h i n k that the problem of illegal i m m i g r a t i o n at the Mexican border can be solved by more vigilant patrolling of the border itself. Solutions such as a n 40 Our Security and Our Borders THE MINUTEMAN PROJECT The Minuteman Project, Inc. S. Border Patrol watch the border with Mexico. Members of the project routinely patrol the border looking for illegal immigrants and then call the Border Patrol when they spot illegal activity.

It also made the act of aiding a n illegal immigrant a criminal offense and contained a provision for the funding for new fencing to be constructed along the Mexican border. This bill did not get the Senate approval that it needed in order to become a law, however. S. Senate passed another immigration reform bill. The Senate bill was a bipartisan bill that was authored by both Democrat and Republican senators, and it included elements of both party's immigration platforms. The Senate bill provided for a guest worker p r o g r a m t h a t was similar to the one proposed by President Bush, but that allowed 49 An estimated 125,000 demonstrators marched in support of immigrants in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2006.

In addition, m a n y people point out that i m m i g r a n t s from third world countries who come to America for a n education very rarely r e t u r n back to their home countries to help improve conditions there. On the contrary, over half decide to stay in the United States. This actually does more h a r m t h a n good to third world countries, as it causes a "brain drain" in those countries, m e a n i n g the best and the brightest citizens leave the country instead of staying to help improve conditions.

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