An Invitation to Ikenobo - Shoka Shofutai - II by Ikenobo Headquarters

By Ikenobo Headquarters

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As a manager you have a vital role to play in identifying ways in which processes can be improved, and encouraging your staff to do so. ᭿ Improvements may be to do with: ᭿ ᭿ ᭿ ᭿ ᭿ physical conditions in which you and your staff work; resources you and your staff work with; relationships you have with other people, both within and outside the organization; procedures you and your staff follow. Tools and techniques for aiding continuous improvement include: ᭿ ᭿ ᭿ ᭿ ᭿ ᭿ the the the the ‘Five Whys’; process flowcharting; fishbone or cause and effect diagrams; 5S programmes; visual management.

5 Once all interfaces between walls and length of ducting have been constructed, ducting team to install remainder of ducting. When the various people involved in this process tried it out over the course of the next few weeks, they found that the job of installing a 38 Session B piece of ducting in the top of a wall took about 30 minutes. This compared exceedingly well with the half-day it had previously taken for the walling team to do the best they could with the ducting that was already in place.

2 Critical path diagrams A critical path diagram is a useful tool for estimating precisely the time a change project will take, and drawing up a schedule. A critical path diagram (also known as a network analysis) is a useful tool for doing this, as it shows how long individual activities should take and the relationship between them. Let’s first assume you haven’t been given a completion date that you must achieve. The first step is to look at each of the main activities included in your logic diagram and decide with your team: ᭿ ᭿ ᭿ what the activity consists of and how long it will take; which staff should carry it out: given the existing workload of those staff, how many days/weeks/months it will take them to complete the activity.

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