Anarchy After Leftism by Bob Black

By Bob Black

A respond to, and an attack on, Murray Bookchin's 'Social Anarchism Or way of life Anarchism,' Bookchin himself, Bookchinism, and so referred to as 'anarcho-leftism.'

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Bookchin is a statist: a city-statist. A city-state is not an anti-state. Contemporary Singapore, for instance, is a highly authoritarian city-state. The earliest states, in Sumer, were city-states. The city is where the state originated. The ancient Greek cities were all states, most of them not even demo­ cratic states in even the limited Athenian sense of the word. Rome went from being a city-state to an empire without ever being a nation-state. The city·states of Renaissance Italy were states, and only a few of them, and not for long, were in any sense democracies.

Pohcy wl�hout hing. r t phed trium possibly he why s is perhap ' who s . preoc UPied poIItlclan ? met�mg. 0 CYism for ellforcemellt . euphe "administratIon" �s. a ximious elder e the does ce J ust wltat pohtlcal pract r-stage highe how w nO k we . men s? st hi rc n a to nbe ttng presc . lpahs muscular menta kso 10 m munt . here and confederal . meet'mCgs-but wh at IS to be done in the massed 10 efforts: . ist anarch g existin s now? The Dean desplse � �; ; � Fn � • 86 MURRAY BOOKCHlN, MUNICIPAL STAllSI' The sporadic, the unsystematic, Ihe incoherent, the disconlinuous, and the intuilive supplant the consistent, purposive, organized, and rationa), indeed any form of sustained or focused activity apart from publishing a "zine" or pamphlet-or burning a garbage can (51).

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