Anglo–American Microelectronics Data 1968–69: Manufacturers by G. W. A. Dummer, J. Mackenzie Robertson

By G. W. A. Dummer, J. Mackenzie Robertson

Anglo-American Microelectronics information 1968-69, quantity One brands A-P covers semiconductor built-in circuits, thick and skinny movie applied sciences, and structures open air the semiconductor built-in circuit region which come in the microelectronics diversity. The ebook discusses A.B. steel items thick movie microcircuits; AMELCO sequence 16-701/46-701 tentative transistor-transistor common sense; and American Micro-Systems B002e low-power good judgment binary. The booklet additionally describes Bunker-Ramo hybrid thin-film strategies; Centralab thick movie built-in circuits; and CTS Cermet microelectronics. Elliott-automation; Erie R-C and hybrid built-in circuits; and Ether engineering sequence 2020 operational amplifiers also are thought of. different issues comprise reasonable baby resistor-transistor micrologic; Hawker Siddeley micropacks; and Plessey SL20 sequence amplifiers. Designers, purchasers, and clients of microelectronic units will locate the textual content beneficial.

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015 1 + I2V 12? 165 _]25 009 π 500 MIN. 335 160 , DIA. 240 DIA. 2 2 0 Note: NUMBERS IN PARENTHESES REFER TO 10 PIN PACKAGE. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Total supply voltage between pins 6 and 12 Storage temperature Operating temperature PIN 30 volts max. 0 volts, 5 mA Typical - 1 2 . 0 volts, 5 mA Typical 5 IS INTERNALLY CONNECTED TO CASE NOTE: ALL DIMENSIONS IN INCHES 800DE Complete part designation consists of the Type #, Grade and Package Designation. EXAMPLE: 800 DE -PACKAGE -GRADE TYPE 33 Continued AMELCO 800DE/801DE (Contd) ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS at +25° C (Unless Otherwise Specified) PARAMETER AND CONDITIONS Open Loop DC Gain (No Load) MIN.

There are two commonly used operational amplifier configurations; namely, inverting and non-inverting. Their input and output impedances will be discussed. Rf Er JRi + Rf Ri 1 - A :Ri + Rf 1-A Ri (3) Ri + Rf R; _ I = ß and rewrite equation \Ri + Rfy (3), we have: (a) Z i n — Inverting Amplifier If we let 1 - Aß 1 - A/3 (4) *—*Er Recalling that loop gain is the difference between open-loop gain and closed-loop gain, ß is thus equal to ^ . Figure 12 51 Continued AMELCO 805 OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER APPLICATIONS F r o m Figure 12: es ~ Ei - e s (8) e s - Ei = Ae s (9) li = Il + h 1 -A (10) E 0 = Ae s Eliminating I t , I2 and E 0 from equations (7), (8), (9) and (10), we obtain: (11) Z 1+^2=(A-1) Rf « Ri for l a r g e A.

3 CD "Π Ό ro H ·>! ro \ o c /-s OfQ 3 a. δ' σ 35" o O 3g S > m _ —» en ^ 3 fi) Ώ Ό Φ û) 3 CD H Cft 0» 3 AMELCO 901CE (Contd) ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS at 25°C (Unless Otherwise Specified) 903BR VHF (E-13-711) AMELCO AMPLIFIER I N T E G R A T E D CIRCUITS TENTATIVE DATA R PACKAGE PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS IN ACCORDANCE WITH JEDEC (TO 5) OUTLINE EXCEPT FOR PIN CONFIGURATION AND CAN HEIGHT The 903 BR is an epitaxial monolithic circuit suitable for oscillator, video and IF amplifier applications, including frequencies in the VHF Band.

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