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Frontiers of Fear: Tigers and People in the Malay World, 1600-1950

For hundreds of years, stories of man-eating tigers in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore have circulated, shrouded in fable and anecdote. This interesting booklet files the "big cat"-human courting during this zone in the course of its 350-year colonial interval, re-creating a global within which humans feared tigers yet usually got here into touch with them, simply because those fierce predators favor habitats created by way of human interference.

Trace Elements in Human and Animal Nutrition, Vol. 1, 5th Edition

From the PrefaceThe significant switch within the structure of the 5th variation is the presentation of the booklet in volumes, necessitated through the speedily expanding wisdom of metabolism, interactions, and specifications of hint components. The guideline was once to offer the minimal of effects that will function a logical beginning for the outline of the current kingdom of information.

Foreign Compound Metabolism in Mammals, Vol. 6 (Specialist Periodical Reports)

Expert Periodical experiences supply systematic and exact evaluate assurance of growth within the significant parts of chemical examine. Written by way of specialists of their professional fields the sequence creates a special carrier for the lively study chemist, providing average severe in-depth debts of growth specifically components of chemistry.

Molecular Typing of Blood Cell Antigens (Methods in Molecular Biology)

This quantity goals to compile quite a few protocols invaluable for DNA-based typing of blood mobile antigens. Protocols variety from uncomplicated techniques with low technical complexity to hugely refined sleek advancements. Written for the tools in Molecular Biology sequence, chapters contain introductions to their respective subject matters, lists of the required fabrics and reagents, step by step, without problems reproducible laboratory protocols and tips about troubleshooting and keeping off identified pitfalls.

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Six hun­ dred of these were herded onto a gov­ Musk-ox ernment reservation. There, fortunately, they bred and prospered. Small herds The yak and the musk-ox are two mem­ are kept today on a number of similarly bers of the cattle family that have adapted managed lands, and their numbers are to harsh , cold lands. The yak lives in the kept in check by controlled harvests. cold highlands of Tibet. These animals have been domesticated and are the main source of meat and milk for the people of Tibet.

Like other members of the cattle fam­ Other members of the cattle family ily, sheep and goats have hollow horns. are the agile chamois that live in the Alps They also chew cuds, which are balls of and the several kinds of wild sheep and partly digested food coughed up from a goats of North America and Europe. storage stomach, chewed at the animal's The aoudads, or Barbary sheep, live leisure, and then swallowed again to com­ in northern Africa. These long- bearded, plete the passage through the animal's long-homed sheep are often found in digestive tract.

It was the white hunter who whittled the bison herds into oblivion. Unlike the Indians, the white men used only portions of each animal killed. They favored the meaty, boneless humps, and they also liked the dark tongues. An experienced hunter might kill as many as a hundred animals in a day, but he left most of each carcass to rot on the prairie . Early in the 1 8 80's, after less than 50 years of hunting, most of it in a short period following the Civil War, the bison was facing extinction. From 60 million, their population had been reduced to an estimated 1 ,000 or so animals .

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