I was not until the age of 23 that I started sketching and re-discovered the fact that I had a talent and passion. To be honest I think I found most of joy in compliments I received from people rather that from the actual process of creating art. For a long time I was busy being a draftsman rather than an artist. In fact it was not until I did a course in dynamic drawing that I was able to let go of my ego, be willing to make a mess and discover art. For those who do not know the process of dynamic drawing, it revolves around making quick sketches of say 30-60 seconds and then with your left hand and then upside down and then without taking your pen from pad and so on. This way you have no time to make it look pretty and no time to think. It was a great discovery and changed my approach from being fearful to messing up what I thought was good to a willingness to experiment.mix




I like and enjoy sketching, painting and sculpting. It is however difficult to make a living with these talents and for me it is mostly computer graphics, photography and film that have become a passion that pays. In the portfolio there are a small number of paintings or sketches. group2Here is one of a series of photos taken last year.





And for an example of video or computer graphics here is a short showreel. You can find more examples of my film/video work at

Clips from Studio-H Projects from Studio-h on Vimeo.