Programming skill set.

Core Skills & Competencies Experience Level
  C,C++ 10+ years Advanced
  Assembler 2+ years Advanced
  VB, .NET, Flash Action script 2+ years Intermediate
  Embedded Programming 6+ years Advanced
  Programming languages 20+ years Advanced
  Photoshop, Paintshop, 3DSmax 10+ years Advanced
  Premiere Pro , After Effects, Video editing 8+ years Advanced
  Leadership and team management 10+ years Advanced
  Statistical / Probability analysis 10+ years Expert
  Lateral problem solving 20+ years Expert

Relevant Accomplishments & Experience

Description  Create a GUI for embedded system
Duration – Company   Started: 2012- Ended: 2012Asta Systems
Projects Goals  
  • Design and produce a GUI for linux based touchscreen terminal
  • to connect via USB with ARM embedded key maganement system.
  • Design and implement communication protocol & web access.
Result / Successes   As part of a small team of 4 we successfully designed and created a new and innovative key management system.
Key actions
  • Design GUI
    • Research suitable hardware platform for the project
    • Create graphics for apple type app feel
    • Design database and structures
    • Implement communication module for remote access
    • Development of innovative pictorial data system
  • Assist in design of the complete product
    • Assist in designing ergonomics of system
    • Assist in design of PCB and conectivity
    • Assist in design of embedded system (ARM)
    • Assist in design of web interface
Technologies used  
 Programming Languages C,C++, Blitzmax (oops basic), SQL
 Databases mySQL
 Operating Systems Linux
New ideas/processes introduced Developed an innovative method for scrolling through databases which could be used on other systems.
No. people led or mentored Part of team of 4


Description Video games for the gaming & leisure industry.
Duration – Company  Started: 2008 – Ended: 2011Studio.H
Projects Goals  
  • Create new games to run on Heber Pluto6/8 embedded systems
  • Create firmware to run coldfire bases PCBs
  • Create multi-game software to run under embedded XP
  • Create firmware to run Heber X10i  PCBs
  • Introduce video to games
Result / Successes  Created new multi-game systems to meet new legislation requirements and run on existing embedded machines. Introduced using Heber 10i to new PC based embedded XP/Linux
Key actions
  • Research Heber products and coldfire MCU
    • The creation of a number of new games to run on an existing platform
    • Modifications to meet new legislation including the introduction of online constant on demand monitoring
  • Evaluation of X10i product
    •  Evaluation and implementation of X10i
  • Introduction of using Blitzmax
    •  Research evaluation and implementation of using new oops Basic.
    • Development of new games using Blitzmax


Technologies used
 Programming Languages C,C++,Blitzmax
 Applications/Tools Premiere, After-effects,
 Operating Systems Linux,XP
New ideas / processes introduced Use of Blitzmax for rapid game development.
No. People I led or mentored 1


Description Developed video games for the gaming & leisure industry.
Duration – Company  Started: 1998  –  PresentCoin Castle Leisure Co. – Studio.H
Projects Goals
  • Develop PC based and embedded system amusement and gaming video cabinets.
  • Produce a PC interface PCB that would handle coins, buttons and external inputs/outputs.
  • Produce video games and market this new system in Belgium and Internationally.
Result / Successes  Introduced PC based cabinets to the industry.Production of many games. Marketed in Belgium sales in Brazil, Russia, Latvia, Greece, Ireland, Africa.
Key actions
  • Designed PC Interface PCB
    • Research – legislation – concepts – ergonomics
    • Design PCB – select Microprocessor – components / costing – communication protocol
    • Produce Prototype
  • Code for Microprocessor
    • Research & acquire development environment
    • Write assembler code for processor to communicate and control a variety of industry standard external devices – Coin validators, hoppers, PC, buttons and lighting devices
    • Test debug and re-design Prototype
  •  Commission Production of PCB & supply of PC Motherboards
    • Research costing and commissioning of PCB Production (BE)
    • Research costing and commissioning of motherboards (China)
  • Production of Initial PC Software
    • Research and design of new games.
    • Write code and graphics for windows platform prototype
    • Games  for DOS /Windows / Linux and embedded platforms
    • Production of Prototypes
  • Launch Products
    • Involvement with Marketing planning and direction
    • Trade shows
  • Production of new games
    • More than 50 Games
    • Change from assembler to C for microprocessors
    • Development of games for Windows /Linux



Technologies used:  
Programming Languages Assembler, C, C++, GLPRO
Applications/Tools 3DSMax, Photoshop, Processor ICE’s
Operating Systems Windows, DOS, Linux, Embedded
New ideas / processes introduced  The introduction of the use of PC’s in Gaming machines was original idea, it is now commonplace. Very quickly gained 20% of the AWP Market in Belgium. Introduced the idea of changing software and not machine.
People I led or mentored   2 – 8


Description  Developed Laser–tag System for Leisure Industry
Duration – Company  Started: 1993 – Ended: 1998Leisure Tech BV. (Intersphere)
Project Goals   
  • Develop a new Real-time Radio-Polling Laser-Tag system
  • (Laser-Tag: is similar to Paint Ball but takes place in smoke filled environment using Laser pistols)
  • Build Laser-Tag Arena’s
  • Sales and franchise of equipment
Result / Successes Instant success – rapid growth 100 employees within 2.5 years. International sales. US, Saudi, Taiwan, Belgium, Nederland, more.
Key actions
  • Concept & Design of new Radio-polling system
    • Design and commission of Infra-Red Laser Pistols and Jackets
    • Design and communication protocols for introduction of Radio transceivers into equipment for real-time Interaction.
    • Build Radio Modem for connection to PC
  • Windows based Control system for monitoring game.
    • Wrote Radio-Polling Software to send and collect information from remote units.
    • Wrote Game control software – to include a variety of games, score sheets, membership databases and visual representation of game progress for display on large screens.
  •  Developed Various Robotics for interaction in games.
    • Research microprocessors and electronics
    • Created Robotics and lighting systems for Arena’s
  • Construction of Arena’s and launch of equipment.
    • Designed and commissioned construction of 2 Arena’s –Antwerp & Amsterdam
    • Launch of product / Trade shows
  • Redesign Equipment.
    • Using knowledge gained with robotics – complete re-design of equipment
    • Wrote the embedded code for new system incorporating microchip processors  – assembler
  • Construction a further 10 arenas – Franchises – Sales
    • Designed and commissioned construction 10 new arenas
    • New Robotics – New software


Technologies used  
Programming Languages Assembler, VB, C
Applications/Tools 3DSMAX
Databases Access
Operating Systems Windows, Embedded
New ideas / processes introduced We were the first company to introduce radio-polling. Many other companies have since copied this development
No. People I led or mentored 6 Development.     10-12 management


Description  Multi media lingual system – for Canal boats in AmsterdamA system that plays recordings over a PA system in various languages and informs tourists about the sites and history of Amsterdam
Duration – Company  Started: 1991,  2002,  2008,G.T.Soft – Studio.H
Projects Goals  
  • Produce a multi lingual system to replace Guides and Tapes system for Holland International


Result / Successes   The initial system continues to be in use (since 1992) and is used by most of the Canal Cruise companies operating in Amsterdam. New systems will be installed later this year.
Key actions
  • Produce a cost effective system to replace guides on Canal boats
    • Make recordings in 10 languages depicting points of interest in Amsterdam
    • Create a database that details various routes followed by canal boats and the POI’s on route
    • Research possible methods of compression because initially limited to 40 MB and no such thing as MP3. For DOS
    • Produce software system that would allow for the selection of routes and a number of languages to be played – (More languages less information)
    • Provide Hardware (run on 24V)
  • Redesign Software (2002)
    • Design a new GUI using GLPRO under windows
    • Expand to 12 Languages
    • Research and prototype Potential GPS Tracking
  •  Redesign Software (2008)
    • Design new GUI and Implement GPS tracking and trigger.
    • Written using .NET for potential future use on hand held devices.
    • Identify and propose new replacement hardware


Technologies used  
Programming Languages C, GLPRO, VB.NET
Frameworks .NET
Databases SQL
New ideas / processes introduced The Initial design was innovative and original – Initially designed for Holland International – most other companies in Amsterdam also adopted the system and still use it today.
No. People I led or mentored  2